Sleep Easy Luxury Retreat Set 

Indulge yourself with this beautiful luxury Sleep Easy retreat set, which includes our limited edition Monty sleep mask, 2 Jasmine infused self-heatng eye masks, matching face mask and pretty drawstring bag. Relax Revive Retreat  with our soft Jasmine scented self-heating eye masks, easing yourself into a restful calm scented sleep. Our beautiful sleep mask is made with cotton and is lined in sumptuous satin which is soft and kind to your skin. Our matching face mask is 3 layers of cotton and can be carried in the bag when you are out and about. The Retreat set is delivered to you beautifully gift wrapped, making a perfect gift for someone special or perhaps a treat for yourself. 

Tribemasks self-heating eye masks are also available in boxes of 5 on our heated eye mask section.


1 x Monty  Sleep mask 24cm x 13cm 

1 x Cotton Drawstring Bag 20cm x 22cm

1 x Monty  Adult Face mask

2 x Tribemasks self-heating eye masks

1 x Pouch Dried English Lavender



Sleep Mask

Our beautiful sleep mask is made in cotton with a luxury satin lining which is kind to your skin. Lightly padded it can be worn over your Jasmine scented self-heating eye mask or on it's own. The stretchy soft elastic has been designed with comfort in mind and is kind to your hair. Relax Revive Retreat and bathe yourself in elegant soft warmth, ease your troubles away.


Tribemasks Self-Heating Eye Mask

Tribemasks Jasmine infused self heating eye masks Relax and retreat in the jungle heat and enjoy some quality self care with Tribemasks. Sweet heat eye relief for tired eyes, headaches,anxiety, tension, stress and sleep problems. An essential relaxation aid - indulge in Jasmine infused warmth and join the self care tribe.

Instructions: Carefully open pouch and remove the Tribemask. Immediately place Tribemask over your eyes and secure ear loops. Your Tribemask will begin to heat up in just a few seconds, staying warm for approximately 20 minutes.

Ingredients:  Essence of Jasmine. Iron Powder. Water. Salt

Outer sheet: Non-woven fabrics.


Drawstring Bag

Our beautiful matching drawstring bag is made in quality cotton fabric and  is perfect for housing your sleep mask or can be used as an elegant out and about bag for your face mask with room for sanitiser and other essential items.


Face Mask

Made in England with 3 layers of fabric and soft ear elastic with toggles for a comfortable fit. Made in breathable cotton.

Adult Face Mask - Face Covering - Non Medical 3 layers with inner layer in cotton fabric. Comfy and lightweight.Comfy stretch ear bands with toggle to achieve a good fit.


Size 23cm x 13cm

This face covering is intended as a complimentary protective measure to current social distancing rules.



Beautiful relaxing quality dried Englash Lavender. Gently squeeze the lavender to release the relaxing natural scents of Summer days.



Monty Sleep Easy Eye Mask Retreat Set